An eclectic collection of recipes from home and abroad, solidly presented in a linen-bound hardcover, this is a cookbook to use, love and cherish.

240 pages of recipes, including Portuguese custard tarts (not unlike those from Belem Confitaria in Lisbon); North African chicken with cinnamon and cumin from a street vendor in Fez; a Massaman curry of beef cheeks so rich and unugent it will change your mind about offal forever. Find out how to make salt cod and what to do with it; Kung Pao chicken from a friend in Szechuan; crumbed sweetbreads with parsley and fennel; a recipe for gingerbread from Sam's own grandmother.

“...Like most people, I don’t want to be confronted with a recipe that has 53 adjectives in the title and takes most of a working day to complete...I don’t like to fiddle about too much with food if I can help it. Beautiful, fresh ingredients speak for themselves. My first cookbook focussed on the seasonality of food. We don’t want nectarines in the middle of winter, nor do we want asparagus in autumn. It is now fairly fashionable to eat local and seasonal. Lets hope it stays that way." 

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